About us

Más de 30 años de experiencia en la cocina

José Gómez


“El Taulell Gastronòmic” is a restaurant with an innovative cuisine proposal, with influences rooted in traditional cuisine, the result of a long family history in the hospitality sector.


In its beginnings, the family gastronomic project was based on typical, traditional food, in the tapas culture, until the son of the family, José Gómez, had concerns about exploring and training in new culinary methods and philosophies.


Thanks to training courses, pHe was able to agree to work with professionals of the stature of Rafa Calabuig, who was already trained in the Cordon Bleu in France in the 90s, the mecca of nouvelle cuisine. In this way, he knows and works with the latest gastronomic trends and applies them to the family business, taking the reins of the restaurant with a new concept and type of cuisine.


Since then, José Gomez has run the restaurant “El Taulell Gastronòmic”, where it moves from its old location to its current one in the Plaza de la Concepción in Ontinyent. A much more visible point, larger, quiet, soundproof and comfortable, with facilities with greater capacity for the kitchen. In addition, with a large terrace, which is the delight of our clients when the good weather arrives.


The new cuisine of “El Taulell Gastronòmic” focuses on FLAVORS, with a clear influence and base on traditional cuisine. We like to give a creative touch to tradition, which can be accompanied with a wide variety of wines.


Our restaurant offers a varied menu, with a menu that includes rice, meat, fish and appetizing specialties, always made with QUALITY products. The variety and quality of the dishes is at a competitive price and suitable for all budgets.


Be sure to try our star dishes: squid croquettes and creamy rice with duck confit and boletus.


Welcome and bon appetit!